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Guides and Information about the best available products in india, buy the right electrical product for your home, how to select and but the correct product for your home, which is the best electrical products to buy, the best ceiling fans, the best water heaters, the best geysers, the best led lighting, the best wires and cables, the best quality leds.

15 Sep The Best Water Heaters in india
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TOP 10 BEST WATER HEATERS IN INDIA GUIDE TO BUY WATER HEATERSBest Electrical Water Heaters In India(Instant & Storage)GUIDE TO BUY ELECTRICAL GEYSERS / WATER HEATERS IN INDIAAre you looking for a Storage Water Heater for your bathroom or Instant Water Heater for your kitchen you are certainly on the..
15 Sep The Best Water Purifers in india, how to select the best water purifier
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Three types of Water Purifiers short and easyUF Water Purifier ( Gravity Purifiers ) - Usually used for Can water or tap water where TDS Level is less than 200UV Water Purifier ( Electric Powered Purifiers ) - Usually used for tap water where TDS Level is less than 200RO Water Purifier ( Electric Hi..
15 Sep How to choose the correct ceiling fan depending on the room size
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How to Choose the correct ceiling fan based on your room size ?Approximate Standard (Rpm) Rounds per minute of a Ceiling FanRecommended sweep for different room sizes:Room Size    Sweep               RPMFor small shops, cabins  Room Size 6 Feet / 6 Feet  600 mm(24”)          800-850For Room Size of ..
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