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Venus Electrical Water Heaters / Geysers

Venus Water Heaters : 1 , 6 , 15 , 25 , 35 , 50 , 100 Litres Models

Models : Myst / Splash / Magma / Wave

Myst : MYST has a compact and stylish design to blend with any décor. It has been designed to fit even in bathrooms with low ceilings. It comes with the unique “Power Ceramic Element” that gives trouble free performance for year after year. It is also hard water proof.

Another unique feature of MYST is that it has a built in ELCB(Earth Leakage circuit breaker)that gives total shock protection by cutting of the power in less than 15 milliseconds in case of any current leakage. The built in ELCB works even if there is no working ground connection in the house. MYST also incorporates user friendly features like 3 LED temperature indicater to show how hot is the water and an adjustable thermostat control.

Splash : Splash Water Heater is a reflection of the future in water heating technology and is engineered to take your breath away. It has a rust proof ABS body, MFV pressure cum vacuum release valve, pure copper tank with 10 year Warranty. It comes with the international quality IEC mark.

Magma : 100% reliable, Magma water heaters have sleek exteriors that only complement their performance, with a unique porcelain enamel tank, Mag,a water heaters not only provide excellent heating, but also last really long and utilise much less ebergy than ordinary water heaters. For a unique bathing experience, look no further than magma

Wave : Wave is a sleek water heater that conceals power packed features Comes in range of vertical, horizontal and floor standing models. You will find a water heater inside this range that fits your needs. Its sturdy components can take extremely high pressures reducing wear and tear, so the warmth lasts a lifetime.











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