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Kailash Water Heater / Geyser Bangalore

kailash Water Heaters : 1 , 6 , 15 , 25 , 35 , 50 , 100 Litres Models

A Fibre / Metal outer body, easy maintenance even after 10 years which is scratch resistant & rust proof.

Copper Coils Which are built to last longer any other ordinary coil. Kailash ISI APPROVED.
Reduced scale formation as made up of stainless steel.

Auto Adjusted Internal Thermostat which keeps your water heater safe from over heating and added thermal cut out which keeps your water heater safe from cutting out even after your thermostat fails. Additional Safety which Protects your water heater.

(Fully Automated).

PUF insulation. Gives 40% more saving on power bills which keeps water hot for a longer time.
(Based on ISI Standards)

A Unique two in one pressure cum vacuum release valve prevents build up of excessive pressure or vacuum inside the tank.

stainless steel inner tank for corossion free performance.
1 Year warranty on entire product.











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