About Us

JV Electricals - Series of Sales in Industrial, Domestic, Commercial Electrical Appliances .

Miles we Travelled...

Indiustry Experience of over 20 years in the field of electrical and electrical supplies,  we can offer you advice when needed accordingly depending on your requirements. We offer discounts and benefits as we are stockists and warehouse electrical goods, we have played our role as wholesalers where there is a huge range of electrical goods we deal with the best to give you the best.


We have always encouraged constructive comments or ideas regarding content and products we have been dealing with if you have made your trade with us or not which would help us providing you better sense of quality.


Our range of electrical products include Electrical Fans, Water Heaters, Switches and Sockets, Wires and Cables, Lighting, Industrial Fans, Commercial Fans and other various electrical appliances to see more visit our online stores www.jvelectric.co.in/stores One stop for all electrical products Electrical Switchgear, Fans, Tubelight fittings, Industrial Fans, Commercial & Industrial Flood Lights, A/C - Aircondition Systems, Stabilizers, Room Heaters, Cables (HT / LT), Domestic and Commercial Wires, Electrical Switches, Water Heaters (Geysers), and all other Electrical Goods.....

Big Brands we Deal with & Why ?

We have been Dealing in More than over 25 top Brands having of range of over 100 to 1000 Products Brands that have changed the face of the electrical industry and the working of todays extraordinary power sector.

We have been dealing with multibrand electrical goods for over 40 years now, brands we deal in are above

we have always made sure we sell the right product, a product that is not only built to fit in todays trend but products that are bulit to last as well, all products we deal in are with quality assurance and upto the best of standards we make sure that all the products are genuine and not copies or we dont practice in selling duplicate or forged goods.