Water Heater Brands

Havells Water Heater


Ferroli Water Heater / Geyser
Capacity : 15 & 25 L

Glasslined Coated Tank with single Weld LIne Design:
A. Made of Ultra thick super cold rolled steel plates 2mm thick
B. Provides more corrosion resistance and anit-rust properly compared to standard inner tank designs resulting in longer life.
C. A die-hard life span for inner tank and more than 25% strength than S.S. tank, ensured by multiple on line testing including
1. Uric Acid Test
2. Anti Alkaline Test
3. Fatigue Test
4. Environment Synchronization Test

Heavy Duty Aluminium Anode Rod Protects Tank From Corrosion:
With steel core, magnesium anode rod protects enamelled tank from rust and corrosion.

Incoloy Heating Element:
Glasslined Incololy Heating element offers superior heating performance with its excellent
resistance to both oxidation & carbonization at high temp. setting. Also resists errosion against most
extreme and hard water conditions thus extending life span of heating elements with minimum energy loss.

Energy Saving High Density Puf Insulations:
CFC free thicker PUF insulation offers complete protection against radiant heat loss.

Heating indicator lamp
Water tubes with whirl flow technology
Ensure high level of protection to electricalparts from water splashing.
Inner tank made of ultra thick superior cold rolled steel1.
Adjustable knob for temperature settingsbetweek 25°C to 75° C for energy savings










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